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Estancia Vik

- Elegant Estancia Vik is located in the rural countryside of José Ignacio
Set on 1,600 hectares of rolling hills, the enormous Spanish colonial-style structure has adobe walls, a red tin roof and covered walkways linking outdoor courtyards, flowering gardens and a large herb garden. All 12 suites are large, individually decorated and display original art created by leading contemporary Uruguayan artists. In keeping with the local theme, the restaurant serves traditional BBQ, fresh fish and seafood, locally grown fruits and vegetables and home-made breads and pastries. Adventures include biking, kayaking, riding, and polo lessons. As an added bonus, you have access to the beach of sister hotel Playa Vik – a ten-minute drive.

Alkaen hinnat majoituksissa per huone ja retkissä per henkilö. Tarjouksissa rajoituksia, kysy tarkemmin toimistostamme.

Hotellit / Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo and Beyond

Playa Vik Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo and Beyond
Estancia Vik Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo and Beyond
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