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Tren Crucero

- An exceptional journey through the Ecuadorian highlands to the coast
Immerse yourself in Ecuador aboard a historical and heritage train and experience the romance of the Ecuadorian landscape from Quito to Guayaquil. Marking a renaissance of South American rail travel, The Tren Crucero's is almost theatrical - its four coaches true treasures of historical design. While much of the journey is diesel-powered, parts of the trip are conducted by steam locomotives dating back to the beginning of the 20th century – carefully restored to guarantee your comfort and safety. This remarkable train has a capacity to seat 54 persons comfortably and departs fortnightly from Quito.
Experience exceptional scenery as you transition from lofty moorlands through cloud forests to tropical coastal landscapes in four days, all-inclusive. This is a voyage through majestic Andean landscapes to the endless plains of the coast; a unique experience in an exceptional train with a high level of service. Enjoy the Avenue of Volcanoes – more than ten volcanoes over 3,657 metres – one of them active. Travel along 450 kilometres of track ascending to 3,600 metres and descending to sea level as the journey proceeds. Discover the natural, cultural, ethnic, culinary and climatic diversity of Ecuador.
Enjoy amazing landscapes, overnight stays in thoughtfully selected hotels, bilingual guides, all meals showcasing typical dishes of each region (passenger dietary requirements are catered for) and planned and guided excursions to the main natural and cultural attractions en route. Excursions include visits to the Guamote indigenous market, one of the last authentic markets in the Andes; to a rose plantation with fair trade practices, learning about one of the country’s largest exports; and to Cotopaxi National Park, enjoying the scenic landscapes of the 6000-metre Cotopaxi Volcano.

Alkaen hinnat majoituksissa per huone ja retkissä per henkilö. Tarjouksissa rajoituksia, kysy tarkemmin toimistostamme.

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