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- Exceptional journeys showcase unspoiled nature, ancient traditions and Andean Cosmovision in comfort and style
At the otherworldly Uyuni Salt Lake in Bolivia, you will be immersed in solitude and peace and dazzled by kilometres of white nothingness. Explore Uyuni Salt Lake, Isla Pescado, Red Lagoon, Jirira and other natural wonders – returning at night to a classy dinner and an overnight in the comfort of a deluxe airstream camper, providing all facilities of a luxury hotel. The friendly staff and chef create a one-of-a-kind itinerary for you, based on your individual interests.
Emerging from blue sapphire waters and surrounded by the Royal Range of the Andes, the "Sacred Lake of the Incas" has always been one of the most important life sources within the Andes and a treasure of native ancient cultures and authenticity. The Titicaca Hydrofoil Cruise with scheduled or privately chartered vessels is a fascinating way to experience the lake. Enjoy comfortable and safe journeys with extended visits to islands including the Sun and Moon Islands, the cradle of the Inca Empire.

Alkaen hinnat majoituksissa per huone ja retkissä per henkilö. Tarjouksissa rajoituksia, kysy tarkemmin toimistostamme.

Hotellit / Bolivia

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