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Estancia Rincón del Socorro and Estancia San Alonso

– Choose from two exquisite ranches and experience the magnificent Iberá wetlands in comfort
Estancia Rincón del Socorro, a former cattle ranch, is a 12,020 hectare nature reserve on the edge of the Iberá wetlands. Comfortable and rustic, the six guestrooms preserve the original feel of the 1896 ranch house. Alternatively, Estancia San Alonso is a 10,760 hectare ranch, with five rustic-chic suites, located in the heart of the Esteros del Iberá. This secluded property sits on the shore of Parana Lake and offers daily wildlife-spotting trips onto the savannah and into native forests. Enjoy adventure-filled days and wholesome home-cooked food and quality wines each night at your chosen abode.

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