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- The most important part of the trip is not the destination, but what you find along the way Located eight kilometres from Hanga Roa, on a plot of land with a size of 960 hectares, explora Rapa Nui is in a privileged location from which to explore the island. Rapa Nui’s remoteness, stunning geography and rich culture led UNESCO to declare it a world heritage site in 1995. At explora, the team actively seek out disconnection from the everyday. To achieve this, it is necessary that you not worry about anything at all, so all services are included. explora Rapa Nui offers 18 explorations at different levels. All have strong cultural and archaeological overtones, and are led by an expert bilingual guide. Between the volcanoes and the Moai, the best way to appreciate the scale of the island around us and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, is by foot. explora always strives to adjust to the rhythm of each traveller, enjoying the journey step by step. The island is perfect for exploring by bicycle. The incline of the roadways are very forgiving and there are numerous lightly travelled routes with panoramic island and ocean views.

Alkaen hinnat majoituksissa per huone ja retkissä per henkilö. Tarjouksissa rajoituksia, kysy tarkemmin toimistostamme.

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